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Journal articles

““Social Fabric”: Photography, Sun Atmospheres and Process Ontology in Sonne München, 1994,”
Art Journal (in review process). Peer-reviewed article.

“Snow, Dirt, Light: Wolfgang Tillmans’ Abstract Mediations,” Depth of Field. Leiden: Leiden University Press (accepted for publication, forthcoming 2020). Peer-reviewed article.

“Photography, Fungi and Social Ontologies: Wolfgang Tillmans’ Neue Welt“, British Computer Society: Special Issue: Politics of the Machine: Art and After, Bind EVA Copenhagen (Electronic Workshops in Computing), 2018. Conference proceeding. Peer-reviewed article.

Toxic Environments, Sensitivities and Planetary Times: A Conversation with Susanne M. Winterling,” Mousse Magazine, August 2018.

Wuxia. Special Issue: Iranian Film and Art, eds. Sara R. Yazdani and Kaveh Tehrani, no. 1-2, 2018.

“Introduction: Cyborgs, the Poetic and Political: Notes on Iranian Cinema,” Wuxia. Special Issue: Iranian Film and Art, eds. Sara R. Yazdani and Kaveh Tehrani, no. 1-2, 2018.

New Forms of Life: The Physicality and Poetics of Pictures,” with Susanne M. Winterling, Objektiv. Tidskrift for kamerabasert kunst, 2015.

“Privata ögonblick: kropp och intimitet i Lina Scheynius fotografier,” Objektiv. Tidsskrift for kamerabasert kunst, 2014.

Books and book chapters

“Invisible Processes. The Production of the New in the Work of Ane Mette Hol,” in “Becoming (working title)”. Edited by Franz Thalmair. mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (forthcoming, June 2020).

“Magical Works, Grey Ecologies and Affect: On Complement for Company (skyline and sky)” in Writing Images. Conversations on Photography. In collaboration with Susanne M. Winterling. Edited by Antonio Cataldo. Berlin: Kehrer Verlag (forthcoming, 2020).

“Bodily Transformations” in New Scandinavian Photography, eds. Bjarne Bare and Behzad Farazollahi. London: Black Dog Publishing, 2015.

Fra Terror til Overvåking, eds. Liv Hausken, Trine Haagensen and Sara R. Yazdani. Oslo: Vidarforlaget, 2014

“Oslo, Norge: En Samtal om Bilder,” in Fra Terror till Overvåking, Liv Hausken, Trine Haagensen, and Sara R. Yazdani (eds.) Oslo: Vidarforlaget, 2014

”The Portrait in Art” in Portaits by Waiters, ed. Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson. Oslo: Multinational Enterprise, 2014

Art criticism

Beyond the Individual: “Expanded Sculpture” and the Social at the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo,” Art & Education (Artforum and e-flux) (May 2019)

Messy Ecologies“, Kunstkritikk (December 2018)

Sandra Mujinga”, Artforum International (July 2018)

Matias Faldbakken”, Artforum International (December 2017)

Karl Larsson”, Artforum International (April 2017)

“Benjamin Crotty“, Artforum International (January 2017)

Wolfgang Tillmans”, Artforum International (May 2016)

Art Belongs to Those Who See It“, Artforum International (February 2016)

Eloquent Materials”, Kunstkritikk (September 2016)

Digital Flows”, Kunstkritikk (February 2016)

“En Taktil Värld”, Kunstkritikk (March 2015)

“Organiska Medier”, Kunstkritikk (February 2015)

“Objekets Sosiala Process,” Kunstkritikk (January 2015)

”The Sculptural Body,” The Plantation Journal (July 2014)